Privacy Policy

The following document describes the way that customers personal information is treated by Nologin Consulting S.L. in order to satisfy the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD). Gathering, use and divulgation of individual data set that Nologin Consulting S.L might possess is due to the relation with our customers and suppliers, for instance when visiting our website or by registering our products and services. The privacy of our customers is crucial for Nologin Consulting S.L and we are committed to protect it.

The information we gather

There are some situations where collected data are essential such as postal addresses, contact phones, names and document references whether for their delivery, tracking or reception. This information is stored with the only purpose of offering our services in the best possible way.

In no case this information is used with other intention and, of course, never for publicity purposes. It will never be published nor ceded to third parties under any conditions.


Nologin employs cookies during navigation through its website in order to customize user experience (for instance, to display information in proper language). In particular, workondata uses the followings:

Cookie Description
allowSwitchProject Determines if logged user is able to switch projects as long as also has rights to access more than one.
csrftoken This cookie is used as anti-CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) technique. Must be unique for each user and unpredictable, to that end, it might be randomly generated or derived from session cookie by using HMAC.
selectedProject Determines the active project index for the logged user.
sessionId Session cookie
_ga analytics.js library (Google Analytics) uses a single cookie named _ga to store a unique token which is randomly generated. This id is stored and included in any hit or request which is sent to Google Analytics. Then, their servers use it to compute user session data. Important: Google Analytics does not store any personal information about your website users.

Cookies are small portions of information which are stored locally in your computer with the intention of remember the supplier the accesses made or the information provided previously by the user.

This data are exclusively treated in a general way, without the obtention of any personal information and, with the only purpose of getting web access statistics which allows us to improve contents and the offered service to the customer.

Measures to protect your personal information

Nologin Consulting S.L. employs many physical, technical and administrative precautions in order to protect its personal data from data loss, stealing and malicious uses as well as unauthorized accesses and advertisement. Our servers make use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cipher techniques in all of their communications, that is why we recommend to use last available version of each web browser. In case of using services which require password, it is also advised to change it often and make them strong by using letters, digits and other characters combinations

Nologin holds the right of modifying this privacy policy at any time. Modifications will show up immediately on this website.


If you have any doubt or need some additional clarification about Nologin Privacy Policy, do not hesitate in contact us through or any other Nologin local address.